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Adhesive Labels and Printers

Adhesive labels are one of the most universally-used office supplies in the world. When they were developed, most of them were filled out using a typewriter which is a very straightforward process. As printers came to replace typewriters and word-processing programs became standard equipment in just about every office, working with these supplies became a bit more complex. These labels are still just as easy to use; in fact, they’re easier to use on a printer, but getting the desired result sometimes requires that the user understand how printers and word processors set these labels up and print them.

A word processor, while it represents what a user can expect to see on a page, cannot accommodate crooked paper, margins which are incorrectly set or other problems which may make adhesive labels print incorrectly. Setting up a page with labels vexes some of the most experienced office workers, though the process is very easy once it’s understood. The word processor needs to understand the dimensions and print area of the labels in great detail. Using a template which is designed to work with the labels is the best way to ensure that this is the case. In most word processors, various templates are included and will generally apply to several different manufacturer’s labels.

The printer itself must also be able to accommodate the adhesive labels. Certain types of printers do better in this regard. Most often, the best printer to use is one with a tray that allows sheets to be fed in one at a time. This usually produces better results than loading an automatic paper tray with several sheets of labels. It offers better control and can prevent the paper being improperly fed into the printer which results in improperly-printed labels.

Before actually printing the adhesive labels, print the desired material on a plain sheet of paper and feed it through the printer. By holding this sheet up to a light with the label sheet behind it, one can make certain that the words will appear in the desired location. Inkjet prints can smear right after they’re printed, so be sure to allow the labels time to try before handling them on the printed surface. Inkjet ink is also water-soluble, so any spilled liquid will likely smear the labels beyond legibility. Be sure to keep them dry and to allow them to set before peeling them off the sheet.

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