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Envelopes in Bulk, Buying C5 and other envelope sizes

C5 Envelopes are one of the most common sizes used in business applications. The ISO standard for a C5 envelope is 162 x 229 millimeters or 6 3/8 x 9 inches. These envelopes can accommodate the most commonly-used business papers easily. A5 paper may be placed directly in the envelope and A4 paper may be accommodated by folding the paper in half. This makes it ideal for handling business communications, short contracts or other materials which can be printed off of a standard office printer or produced on a typewriter.

Most businesses will use thousands of C5 envelopes during the course of a year, which makes it sensible to buy these products in bulk. The fact that it fits the most commonly-used size of business paper means that most official company communications which are sent via post will be placed in one of these envelopes. The size is also good for carrying checks and other materials as well as for mailing marketing materials and other types of advertisements. These envelopes are not suited for very heavy mailings or for mailing materials printed on paper which is larger than standard office letter paper.

C5 envelopes can be customized with letterhead-style return addresses. This used to require a special order from an outside printer. Today, most office printers can handle this task and, as long as a great many of the branded envelopes aren’t needed, most offices will be able to meet their needs with their own printing equipment. For very large orders, however, an outside printer may be the best option for branding a business’s envelopes. This also allows for the use of very complex designs which may be outside the capabilities of an office printer to render to a satisfactory quality.

C5 envelopes have a size which is also popular for windowed envelopes that allow businesses to avoid the expense of printing additional labels for each mailing they send. Where the address needs to be printed directly on the envelope, an adhesive label is oftentimes employed. If this is not desirable, most office printers can directly print the address information on the envelope. Most word processing programs come with templates built in which allow this to be done without manually setting margins, spacing and other aspects of the print layout. Remember that inkjet ink can smear immediately after it’s been printed, so allow it to dry before handling.

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