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Choosing the Right DL Envelopes

DL envelopes are one of the most common sizes on the market. DL simply means Dimension Lengthwise, and they are most often used for sheets of A4 paper, which one folds into thirds to fit into the envelope. The dimensions of the envelope are 220 x 110 mm. Many businesses use these types of envelopes for the bulk of their correspondence.

A few of the reasons that a business could make use of the envelopes is by mailing out single page letters, sending out announcements and offers, and reminding customers and clients about payments or new services. In most cases, they are used for nonofficial correspondence. The DL envelopes are lightweight and easy to use for mailing purposes.

Of course, when folding the paper to fit into the envelope, it is important to take care and make sure the paper is folded correctly in order to maintain a professional look. Many companies use the envelopes to send only one sheet of folded paper to ease the need for folding.

When choosing the right envelopes for their needs, businesses will be able to find envelopes with a gummed seal as well as those with a self-sealer. With the gummed seal, the person stuffing and closing the envelope will need to moisten the flap. The self-sealers have strips of paper that, when removed, reveal glue that is ready to seal the DL envelopes.

In addition, companies will be able to choose from envelopes that have windows for the address and those that are plain. Depending on the purpose, companies may want to choose the envelopes with windows because they will be able to save on ink and printing labels.

Some companies choose to buy their envelopes and then have them printed at an outside printing company. A professional print job on the DL envelopes will often look far more professional than those done with an ink jet, which may smear. Businesses will be able to put their own logo on the envelope, which can help to further their branding and create a professional image for the company.

Businesses will also be able to choose envelopes made from recycled paper. With more companies going green, this could be an environmentally and financially sound choice.

Another consideration for buying DL envelopes is the quantity. Companies that tend to mail out a considerable amount of material over the course of a year should consider buying in bulk and AppleOfficeSupplies.co.uk.

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