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Ergonomic Mouse

The Advantages of an Ergonomic Mouse

The mouse is one of the most heavily-used pieces of computer equipment and, when repetitively used incorrectly, can cause health problems for employees. An ergonomic mouse offers relief from this by encouraging users to maintain correct hand and wrist position without even having to think about it. While it may seem like a small thing, the consequences of repetitive motion injuries can be quite severe, ranging from some loss of feeling in the fingers to a complete disability for the affected hand and wrist. Avoiding this is incredibly easy and worth the effort.

An ergonomic mouse is designed with a shape that makes it fit comfortably within the hand. This requires the hand to be in a natural position, wrist straight, fingers and thumb relaxed and without tension on any of the tendons or muscles of the hand. The first computer mouse devices were enormously convenient but designed in such a way that handling them for hours put repetitive stress on certain parts of the hand. In particular, they were designed as a simple, rounded surface that required the hand to adapt to the shape rather than having the shape adapted to the hand.

On an ergonomic mouse, design considerations make it fit perfectly within the hand. Generally, they feature a curved design on the side where the thumb is placed which not only handles better but which allows the addition of extra buttons that can be used for various functions. They also tend toward a design which is curved on the top, allowing one to simply rest their hand on top of the device and easily reach any of the buttons or wheels without twisting their wrist to operate the entire apparatus. Over a period of hours, this can make a huge difference where comfort is concerned.

While a classic mouse design is still in heavy use, demand for more ergonomic mouse designs have made them as easily found as are their more primitive cousins. These devices seldom cost much more than the older-style mouse devices and, in many cases, the higher price results in better quality and a longer life. Features such as the extra buttons and the availability of wireless mouse devices which can be used in any position the user finds comfortable are also great improvements. These devices usually advertise themselves as ergonomic and are available from quality office suppliers.

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