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How to Use Vellum Paper

One of the most popular types of paper is vellum. The uses of vellum paper are many, both in business and at home. You will be able to find the paper in a number of different sizes, although the most common size is A4.

The paper is perfect for a number of business applications. Printing reports, cover letters, press releases, and more all look better when they are on this light but sturdy paper. You will be able to use the paper in laser and inkjet printers with no trouble at all.

For companies, as well as individuals who find that they need to use a lot of the paper, it is generally a good idea to buy in bulk. You can find reams of vellum paper that come with 500 sheets. If you know that you will send out more than this in a given period, then you might want to buy several reams at the same time, as this will save you money. It is certainly the most cost effective way to get your paper.

Those who are looking for a new job would do well to choose the vellum as the paper of choice for their resume. Using a high quality paper – while it might not land you the job – will at least show the people who review the resume that you care enough about the company to send only your best.

When you use the vellum paper for your resume, be sure that the print quality on the resume is good. Also, be sure that you don’t smudge any of the ink before sending the resume off. Ink jets, if you are not careful, will have a tendency to smudge.

Another popular use of the paper is in the scrapbooking community. It has a variety of uses that will make the standard scrapbooking pages stand out, and it works very well with the different adhesives that scrap bookers utilize.

Traditionally, vellum paper was made from animal skin. However, today the paper is made of cotton, which is far more affordable and practical. You will find that the many uses of the paper, as well as its high quality, are what continue to make it so popular. When ordering your paper, make sure that you order enough to cover all of your needs for at least the next quarter, and possibly enough to last the year.  AppleOfficeSupplies.co.uk is your source for vellum paper in the UK.

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