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Comb Binder

Is A Comb Binder Still Necessary?

As the business world has embraced digital technology more and more, hard copies of reports and documents have become less-commonly seen. A comb binder was the office standby for many years for in-house publishing needs. The simple device can hold a great many pages and is sturdy enough to bind items for archival purposes. They are also inexpensive and very easy to operate. These devices still have an important role, especially where documents which are more easily understood on paper than on a screen are concerned.

While laptop computers and the ever-increasing storage capacity of portable media have largely replaced the comb binder fastened files once toted around in every businessperson’s briefcase, they are expensive, complex and, oftentimes, the experience of reading something off of a screen is far less significant for the reader than is reading the same material in printed form. In addition, documents on a computer don’t allow the reader to scan the entire area of the page, something which is enormously easier when reading reports that incorporate charts and graphs than is flipping back and forth between programs and pages on a screen. Sometimes, where complex information is concerned, paper is a superior medium.

A comb binder allows papers to be bound in a way that allows easy paging, while protecting the document and allowing the entire page to be visible with none of the text falling below the crease of the binding. These devices are extremely durable and are commonly-seen employed to preserve academic works and reports that need to be kept for years on end. The documents thus bound can be labeled on the spine to allow for easy organization on the shelf and easy retrieval when they’re needed. Most of these bindings are made of plastic, some come in other materials.

A printed report fastened into a book with a comb binder is likely to not be overtaken by technology anytime soon. Many individuals prefer this format and find computerized versions of such documents too fragile to be trusted for archival purposes. While storage media does continue to shrink in size and grow in capacity at a steady and impressive rate, the printed page has been the standby solution for the long-term preservation of documents for hundreds of years. A binder allows offices to avail themselves of this tried-and-true method of document preservation without relying on the services of an outside printer.

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