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Keeping One’s Staff Happy with Quality Office Desks

Office desks are the most important piece of furniture any employee can have. Good desks allow for proper organization, adequate workspace and ergonomics that ensure that employees are able to work a full day without suffering negative consequences to their body. The type of work an employee does during the course of the day will greatly influence the best choice in desks for their use. Whether or not an employee spends all of their time working behind a computer, for instance, will be a variable when determining factors such as the ideal height of the desk.

Ideally, office desks should allow and, in reality, encourage the employee who uses it to maintain proper posture. This means that the shoulders and back should be straight, the arms bent at a comfortable angle and, very importantly, the employee should be able to type without having bent wrists. If the employee uses a computer screen, it should be elevated adequately to allow them to view it straight on without either angling the head up or down. Either incorrect arrangement can cause strain across the various muscles of the back.

One must also take into account the layout of the room when office desks are chosen. In smaller offices, desks with components such as file drawers which can be moved apart from the rest of the desk are ideal. They can allow very efficient use of space and easy rearrangement and, if the need arises, expansion of the employee’s work surface. If the employee’s desk happens to be against a wall, there is likely no need for a modesty panel on the front of the desk. However, the absence of a modesty panel will rather limit the options for rearranging the room.

Office desks should have the ability to accommodate the equipment which the employee uses. This means, for instance, that an employee who uses a computer should be provided with a desk that has a space in which the tower can be located. Most desks manufactured today have access holes or panels that allow cables to be passed through so that the various parts of a computer—screen, keyboard, mouse and other peripherals—can be easily connected through these passages. In this way, the desk keeps the office neat and, in effect, protects the computer and its various components from becoming damaged or becoming trip-hazards.

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